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Comprehensive Service and Support

$1,000 On-time Service Tech Guarantee

Lowest Price Consumables Guarantee

Sustained Performance

Quarterly Operation and Maintenance Visits

Fairmont’s 4-Point Laser Success Program

1. $1,000 On-Time Service Tech Guarantee

We know that a machine this productive needs to be running. Your business success depends on it. If you have a critical need for a technician, we will have one there within the next working day or Fairmont Machinery will give you a check or credit for $1000 per day for each late day.


2. Lowest Price Consumables Guarantee

As a valued 4-Point participant, we do all we can to keep your machine producing parts at the highest rate and the lowest part cost. To that end, Fairmont will provide a discount off all consumables from Eagle, such as protective lenses, optics, slats, and nozzles. If you find a lower price we will beat it by 5%.

3. Sustained Performance

When you purchased your Eagle Laser, you saw a great return on investment. Once the machine is installed you need to know that the machine will perform over time. To ensure sustained performance, we will cut a test part upon commissioning of the machine, save the program, and save the material at your facility. Then, whenever the machine’s performance is in question, we will repeat the test part to illuminate any degradation. This systematic approach ensure your system is always producing parts at peak performance.

4. Quarterly Operation & Maintenance Visits

As a partner in your success, our service tech will come back and visit, at no charge additional charge, every quarter. This qualified technician will conduct a comprehensive machine checkup, perform maintenance, check diagnostic reports, and answer questions to ensure your machine and your production team are in a position to maximize your performance and profits.

Fairmont Machinery Represents Only The Best


Only the world’s most reliable fabrication equipment available will do


We seek out the most advanced equipment


Only equipment that has the fastest overall production time makes the cut

Experience You Can Count On

The Fairmont team are experienced experts who help you understand how our product lines can maximize your production lines.

We have service and support spanning North America. Application know-how, troubleshooting experience, maintenance, and training – all from Fairmont. The 4-Point Laser Success Program is free for the first year, and can be extended for subsequent years.