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Flow Waterjets

Fast Taper Free Parts Without Heat Affected Zones

Flow is the world leader in waterjet with the technology and service network that is unmatched in the industry. Flow invented the abrasive waterjet back in 1979, and today offers a variety of machines to match your application and budget. Link: Flow Waterjet Website

But what makes it the world’s most productive?

Three reasons:


Highest Pressure

Pressure equals productivity when it comes to waterjet cutting, and Flow offers hyperpressure systems rated to 94,000 psi (6,480 bar), cutting parts faster and cheaper than any other system.


Dynamic Waterjet®

Flow’s patented Dynamic Waterjet eliminates taper on the part, thereby cutting 2 to 4 times faster than conventional abrasivejet systems, all while achieving part tolerance as tight as 0.001 inch (one-thousandths of an inch). Unlike other taper control systems, Flow’s technology actually varies the taper angle with speed change, delivering the perfect part.


Intelligent Software

The application know-how is built in. Flow’s intelligent controls include the world’s most advanced mathematical models. Enter material type, thickness, and quality level and the machine knows how to cut the part slowing down on corners and speeding up on straight lines as required. The best part in the least time.

See Flow Waterjets In Action

Power = Productivity

The higher the pressure, the faster the cut speed and the lower the abrasive usage. Pump pressures have has always gone up and Flow has always led the industry with the greatest operating pressure and reliability.

Dynamic Waterjet

Eliminate taper on the cut edge with Flow’s patented Dynamic Waterjet. Unlike other taper control approaches, Flow’s patent varies the taper angle with nozzle speed, achieving part tolerances of 1 to 3 thousandths of an inch on material up to 2 inches thick, all while cutting 2 to 4 times faster than conventional waterjets without taper control.

Intelligent Software

Flow utilizes the Erichsen Models, the most advanced mathematical models in the waterjet industry. Type in material, thickness, and quality and the machine knows how to cut the part, slowing on corners and speeding on straight lines to achieve the part as fast as possible and in tolerance. A vast library of materials will give you the fastest art-to-part with first articles that meet spec.

Why Flow Waterjets?


With more than twice the patents than all other competitors combined, Flow has brought innovations such as the abrasive waterjet, Dynamic Waterjet®, Dynamic Waterjet XD®, intelligent controls with the Erichsen models, direct drive pumps, hyperpressure intensifier pumps rated to 94,000 psi, Ultrapierce™, and many more.

2Maker of the Entire system

Flow’s makes the entire waterjet machine. The mechanical structure, electrical design, intelligent control, pump, cutting head, and ancillary equipment are designed, tested, and perfected by Flow exclusively for waterjet cutting applications.

3Customer Commitment

Flow’s North American field service staff and in-house tech support is the largest and most experienced. With headquarters in the US, they have the staff and inventory to keep you producing at peak performance.


When Boeing and Airbus need to cut composite wings without delamination, microcracks, whiskers, or fiber pull out, they trust only Flow abrasive waterjets. And, when two-person shops are looking for the right machine to build a business around, they also trust Flow. Flow has the application know how, service network, and exclusive technology to enable you to fully harness the versatility of your waterjet system.

5Widest Array of Products

Flow’s Mach Series offers systems for any application and budget. From simple 2D cutting machines equipped with intelligent controls or advanced machines equipped with 3D Dynamic XD®, Flow has the industry-proven system ready to go.