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What makes Eagle Laser a pioneer of fiber laser technology?

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Our 4-Point Laser Success Program

Proactive and comprehensive support, with a personal touch, geared for your success.


Remote Diagnosis

Eagle lasers are equipped with EagleEye Laser Diagnostic DVR©, which is a comprehensive array of high-def cameras and screen captures that logs 12 days of operation. When the machine is in Auto mode and stops unexpectedly EagleEye will send you a text or email complete with the timestamp of the stoppage. View the machine in operation live or rewind to witness a fault. With your permission, we log onto your system to instantly diagnose, correct, and teach. We solve most issues remotely and within minutes or hours.


Low Price Consumables

Fairmont provides excellent pricing on all consumables from Eagle, such as protective lenses, optics, slats, and nozzles. Even more importantly, all the components on Eagle lasers come still bearing their original manufacturer’s part number so you can obtain simple parts locally and always know your not overpaying when you get them from us. If you can get a Mean Well power supply, Festo pneumatic connector, or Eaton ice cube down the street to quickly get up and running, then feel free to do so.


Highly Trained Service Engineers

Despite our quickly growing customer base, Fairmont has less than 10 machines per service engineer, and we offer a level of service beyond anything in the industry. Our comprehensive support ensures you have the answers you want when you need it most. With every solution, our engineers help educate and train your team to ever improve uptime. Ask our customers about their experience and you’ll understand our true customer commitment.


Vast Parts Inventory

For your laser to stay productive, Fairmont has to have the spare parts for your machine here in the US whenever you need them, and we do. Our vast parts inventory ensures we have the component you need. We ship out same day for orders  received by 3pm Eastern. Our customers will tell you that Fairmont always has the part they need and if necessary the service engineer there onsite to install it.

Who Are We?

At Fairmont Machinery, we believe in the power of cutting edge technology to transform manufacturing – and our world. We partner with only the most incredible brands to deliver premium machinery to companies in the United States looking to supercharge their businesses.

As the master distributor of Eagle Fiber Lasers in the US, Fairmont Machinery promises unparalleled productivity and capability to manufacturers.