160 ipm through 3/4″ steel !

10kW vs 20kW:   Watch the comparison of 20kW nitrogen/oxygen mix and FastLine programming vs 10kW oxygen cutting using traditional programming. The most powerful high-production fiber laser in the world is worth a look!

  • Cutting – Power equals productivity, and on any material over 0.140″ the power will delivery unmatched results
  • Piercing – Lightning fast pierces with Eagle’s pierce detection technology
  • Accuracy – Less taper, tighter inside corners, more intricate geometry than a plasma cutter
  • Reliability – Patented eVa ®cutting head delivers months on protective glass window and shift years on lenses

This laser pierces and cuts at rates beyond any other laser. It even outpaces most plasma cutters, while achieving the low taper and high accuracy of a laser. Eagle Laser – Nothing Faster.

9 Holes Per Second

The most powerful laser is also the fastest and quickest, achieving nearly 14,000 ipm and 6g acceleration. Only from Eagle. Contact us to see what 6g acceleration will do on your parts.


A machine this fast needs to be FED! Eagle exchanges pallets in just 9 seconds. We also offer a complete array of material handling and tower systems, all made by Eagle. Contact us to find out more.