Eagle Laser - 15kW in Action

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The highest continuous production-ready output available, shown cutting 1/2 inch mild steel.  Increasing power helps you cut thicker… and faster!  Eagle offers up to 15kW, .

The Power Effect

Eagle offers the highest power in the industry, up to 15kW. Here’s the impact of adding power:

  • Cycle time is the key to profitability. Faster parts increase throughput and reduce the impact of labor, lease payment, and overhead.
  • Every 2kW of power increases linear cut speed by 20 to 30%, as long as your machine is quick enough.
  • Get a quick machine – you’ll need high-G acceleration to take advantage of higher fiber laser power (see movies on acceleration).
  • Eagle uses IPG Photonics fiber laser power sources. Market leader, inventor, innovator..

Reliability of the Eva® Cutting Head

The patented eVa cutting head is a technology leap for fiber laser reliability and performance.

  • Designed for continuous operation at 15kW in production environments
  • The same design is used at typical power levels of 4, 6, and 8kW
  • Only 3 consumables: protective glass window, protective glass seal, and nozzle, all serviceable on machine by you
  • The protective glass is an amazing 14 inches from the nozzle, so damaging hot sparks can cool off
  • Features full beam control, auto-centering and cleaning, plate location detection, collision detection, and a breakaway head